Garcima Paella Pan Carbon Steel 34cm

Garcima Paella Pan Carbon Steel 34cm

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Garcima brings your customers authentic, Valencia-made paella pans - the type commonly found in Spanish home kitchens. Garcima pans feature low side walls for optimum cooking and two looped, riveted handles for ease of use and storage. Each pan now comes with a double coating of oil for extra longevity, as well as a detailed care instructions label. Pans are extremely durable but to maintain their superior performance, dry pan immediately after washing and lightly season it with cooking oil before storage.

Product Features

• Made in Spain

• Diameter 34cm

• Made of thin high carbon steel for quick heat distribution.

• Suitable for gas & electric cookers, oven, open flame & charcoal grill

Care Instructions

• NOT Dishwasher Safe (Always dry and oil immediately after use)


Garcima is a recognised world leader in authentic Spanish manufactured Paella pans. Made from a Carbon steel these beautiful pans are made in Valencia Spain and have been for many centuries. A simple must for any Paella.