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Shipping: $14.95 or FREE with orders over $100.00
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About Us

Made In Homewares is a family run homewares business. Our purpose is to provide you with amazing quality products. We opened our store in Springwood in 2015 and the whole Blue Mountains community has embraced and supported us. We started out as a simple kitchenware store that had a small following of customers. Three years on and we have grown into the store you see today offering you so much more. From our large range of tableware and kitchenware to our complex range of cake decorating. From our beautiful selection of candles and accessories to our large selection of gourmet food. We have products available from many leading industry suppliers, but we also support our small local suppliers. We pride ourselves on hearing that our customers have looked in all locations but are surprised in finding the tool they need in Springwood. We go above and beyond for our customers and we are always there to help. While there are a lot of companies that do what we do and stock similar products, our customers come back for our why and who.

The Team

Julianne (the baker and brains) has over ten years industry experience, is passionate about baking and has a real problem with Kitchen gadgets and will always bring home the latest and greatest.

James (the store carpenter, photographer and the cook behind the scenes) can be found in the store most of the time chatting with customers. He loves a good chinwag and will tell you everything you will need to know about cookware and knives.

Leo our last team member is the reason James and Julianne started this business venture. He is our business mascot and has been on the scenes since he was one month old. He makes the best store security as he is such a sticky beak and he is always good for a smile.