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White Magic Scrubtastic Flat Pot Scrubber
White Magic

White Magic Scrubtastic Flat Pot Scrubber

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The worlds best multi-purpose scrubby that is safe for non stick pans! This Pot Scrubber by White Magic makes clean-up fast and easy, plus its safe for almost all surfaces. Your scrubber can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom or even outdoors. Once dirty simply place in dishwasher or washing machine.

Made from 97% cotton with a non-toxic patented coating the White Magic Scrubtastic is built to outlast its synthetic counterparts so reducing the impact on the environment.

Product Features

  • Can be used in the Bathroom, Kitchen or Outdoors
  • Made in Europe
  • Environmentally friendly

Care Instructions

  • Top rack Dishwasher Safe 
  • Can be placed in the washing machine


EuroScrubby offers a variety of environmentally friendly products that not only make it easier to clean a multitude of different surfaces, but also saving you money by it’s long lasting durability. The most popular product of ours is the EuroScrubby Scrubber: It has an abrasive texture, yet will not scratch any surfaces (Teflon, glass/ceramic cooktops, glass shower doors etc.) It will last anywhere from 6 month to 2 years, depending upon how you use it. Replaces green scouring pads and  Environmentally Friendly. Made in Europe

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