White Magic Eco Clean Surface Spray
White Magic

White Magic Eco Clean Surface Spray

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The Eco Clean Kitchen Spray is the natural and safe way to clean and sanitise kitchen surfaces such as benchtops and kitchen tables. Includes a plant derived agent that is proven to kill 99.9% of Bacteria and comes in a 500ml spray bottle.

Product Features

  • Sanitise all hard surfaces
  • Perfect to use in kitchen, living area, car & office
  • Size: 500ml


  • Scale Inhibitor
  • Mild Organic Acid
  • Solvent Made From Sugar Cane
  • Coconut Derived Surfactants
  • Eucalyptus Oil 
  • Tea Tree Oil


White Magic is Australia & New Zealand’s largest supplier of professional microfibre cleaning products. Established in 2003 they specialise in innovation and quality. White Magic is a brand dedicated to selling chemical free cleaning products. They started in 2003 with their Original White Magic Sponge and have grown the brand to a variety of sponges, cloths and mops. They source the highest quality products from around the world and sell them at highly competitive prices in stores around Australia and New Zealand.

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