White Magic Eco Basics Stemware Brush
White Magic

White Magic Eco Basics Stemware Brush

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Hydrophobic foam will clean your wine and champagne glassware without scratching in the Eco Basics Stemware Brush by White Magic. Whether it be red wine glasses or delicate champagne flutes, narrow or curved the soft foam bristles are perfect for cleaning all the contours from base to lip. The handle is made from natural bamboo and recycled plastic making this brush eco friendly and easy to use. 

Product Features

  • Made from bamboo, recycled plastic, Hydrophobic foam bristles and a hemp storage loop.
  • Easy to clean base and curves.
  • Cleans without scratching.
  • Strong and sturdy wire frame allows bending during use.
  • Size: 14.5cm brush, 11.5cm handle

Care Instructions

  • Rinse after use and allow to dry.


White magic is Australia and New Zealand’s largest supplier of professional microfibre cleaning products.established in 2003 they specialise in innovation and quality. Dedicated ti selling chemical free cleaning products, they started with the Original White Magic sponge and have grown the brand to a variety of Sponges, Cloths and Mops. Only sourcing the highest quality products to sell at highly competitive prices.

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