Thermos THERMOcafe Food & Drink Vacuum Flask 0.8L

Thermos THERMOcafe Food & Drink Vacuum Flask 0.8L

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If you’re on the road travelling or just away from home without the aid of a kettle this Food and Drink Vacuum Flask from Thermos will come to the rescue every time. You won’t need to switch back and forth from beverage flask to food storage jar with the Thermos Food and Drink Vacuum Flask - though you might want to wash it in between so you avoid soup flavoured coffee. This flask comes with one insulated cup with a stainless steel shell, and one BPA free plastic cup which stores underneath it. You won’t scorch your hands when using it hot, and this flask won’t get that annoying layer of condensation when using it cold, so there’s really nothing not to love about this product.

Product Features

  • Insulated cup with stainless steel shell
  • Extra cup hidden underneath
  • Narrow stopper for drinks
  • Wide stopper for soups
  • Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Retractable handle for easy storage
  • 0.8L Capacity

Care Instructions

  • Handwashing recommended
  • Can be put in top drawer of Dishwasher


Before the brand Thermos became famous, it was an idea. An ambition. A feat of science that turned into a breakthrough household innovation. In 1904, Thermos was the first company to develop consumer products using vacuum insulation. With our durable double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated technology, you are certain to find a product that fits your lifestyle while delivering superior performance with exceptional durability.