Cuisinart 2pc Ice Hardened Professional Set *

Cuisinart 2pc Ice Hardened Professional Set *

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The Cuisinart 2pc Ice Hardened Professional Set makes the perfect gift for someone looking to have the key pieces in the kitchen. The knife is made up of high quality German stainless steel that is ice hardened for superior blade strength. At 20cm long, the knife's razor-sharp edge is hand ground at 20 degrees. Also designed with a fully tang blade and ergonomic handles for comfortable use, the knife also features perfect weight and balance between handle and blade for easy use. The 26cm diamond sharpener oval profile enables faster sharpening to save time and effort. Featuring a ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in the hand and a handy safety guard protects your fingers.

Ice Hardened is a process that happens in manufacturing where the temperature is reduced down to -80 degrees for a number of hours before being reheated to 180 degrees for up to four hours. 

Product Features

• Knife Blade Length: 20cm

• Knife Sharpener Length

• Blade hardness: HRC 61

• Materials: German Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

  • Knife is dishwasher safe - although hand wash is recommended for all knives.
  • Sharpener is hand wipe only


Cuisinart, universally known for introducing the food processor in America, is a leader in culinary applications, professional quality cookware and kitchen accessories. The company's cutting edge reputation can be seen on numerous fronts, from industry-first products and design awards to sponsorships of culinary events and TV cooking shows. With over 35 years experience, Cuisinart has established itself to be one of the most trusted premium brands in the kitchen. 

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