Acurite Large Frothing Thermometer *

Acurite Large Frothing Thermometer *

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Create perfectly heated milk for your coffee with the AcuRite Large Frothing Thermometer. Clip the thermometer to the side of a pitcher or jug. For best accuracy, place the tip of the thermometer 6cm into the liquid (and avoid letting the tip touch the bottom).

Product Features

  • Frothing temperature zone indicator.
  • Adjustable clip.
  • Stainless steel probe.
  • Temperature range; -10°C to 100°C.

Care Instructions

  • Handwash only.


Precision instruments in measuring time, weight and temperature. For over 70 years, AcuRite has delivered innovative tools to produce accurate and trusted data. From clocks, scales, cooking thermometers and more, AcuRite devices feature intuitive designs to fit naturally into day-to-day life, are easy to set up, easy to view and understand.