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Davis & Waddell Asia One Lotus Rock Non-Stick Stir fry Wok 35cm
Asia One

Davis & Waddell Asia One Lotus Rock Non-Stick Stir fry Wok 35cm

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Davis and Waddell’s Lotus Rock wok is a great size wok with amazing non-stick properties. The Lotus Rocks Nano-silica coating repels water just like the lotus flower. A layer of Nano-silica not only repels water, but it is permeable to cooking oil, allowing it to seep inside the surface. Unlike sauces or other liquids, the cooking oil is able to rest alongside and in between the wax-like crystals of the Nano-silica surface. This not only creates a better non-stick surface over time but makes cleaning much easier. Underneath the Nano-silica coating is a ceramic interior that is very durable and heat resistant, with carbon steel base for quick heat absorption and distribution. This pan is suitable for all stove tops including induction. 

Product Features

  • Gas, Halogen, induction, radiant, solid hotplate, metal utensil friendly.
  • Lotus rock non-stick 
  • 35cm diameter

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash recommended



Serving up the latest and greatest in kitchenware for more than 20 years, Davis & Waddell has established itself as one of Australia's leading brands. With a variety of ranges to suit, Davis and Waddell "is not simply kitchenware - it is a lifestyle”. The Asia One Range brings contemporary design to authentic Asian essentials, with a wide range of products from woks and steamers to utensils and dumpling makers. 


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