Avanti Cast Iron Tea Pot 770ml Dragonfly*

Avanti Cast Iron Tea Pot 770ml Dragonfly*

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The Avanti Cast Iron Teapot Is the best teapot you will own. It contains the heat in your tea keeping it hotter for longer due to its superior cast iron makeup. Being cast iron it can also go directly onto your stove top making it that little bit easier. The beauty of owning a cast iron teapot means that it also distributes the heat evenly to help enhance the flavour of your tea. It also features a stainless steel tea infuser which means there is not fuss to get the tealeaves out after brewing.         

Product Features

• Features an attractive design with dragonflies on the exterior.

• Enamel interior lining 

• Cast Iron Materials 

• 770ml Capacity    

Care Instructions

• Hand Wash Recommended  

Brand Details 

For over 20 years Avanti has been designing functional and high quality homewares. Avanti are now a recognised household name, providing value and elegance across a comprehensive range of food preparation products.