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Allen Designs Kettles On Clock
Allen Designs

Allen Designs Kettles On Clock

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This colourful clock is another whimsical creation which is cast in resin and handpainted by Michelle Allen.The Kettles On Clock features a colourfully designed steaming kettle . This exceptional piece has a swinging cup pendulum to add to it's stunning appeal.

Product Features

  • Measures 35.5 x 28cm
  • Hand-painted flower hands
  • Swinging cup pendulum
  • Cast in resin, finished by hand
  • Imported

Care Instructions

  • Requires 2 x AA Batteries
  • The clock must be placed on an even flat backing. Any variation in the angle will affect the pendulum swinging and time keeping.


Artist Michelle Allen was searching for just the right career when she found her heart being filled while creating whimsical home products to sell at the local street fair in Encinitas, CA. One year later, Michelle, her husband and then one year old daughter, moved to the NW and began selling her wares at the famed year round “Portland Saturday Market”. Over the next several years, she attended juried art fairs throughout the United States and began selling directly to retail stores who saw her products there. In 2000, with the birth of their second daughter, Michelle and Gary began attending the wholesale show markets in LA, Chicago, Dallas, New York and Atlanta.

Decades later, Allen Designs continues to sell to stores all over the USA along with distribution in Europe and Australia reaching retailers around the globe.

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