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A passion for cooking is at the heart of UK brand ZEAL®. With over 35 years experience in kitchenware, Zeal are true experts in product design and development. 

Renowned for their colourful products, Zeal updates their product ranges regularly in line with the latest colour trends ensuring they are at the forefront of fashion. Behind the stunning pops of colour, there is also a huge focus on quality, functionality and packaging for each item.

Take for example, Zeal’s Silicone Cooks Spoon, which was designed to replace the traditional wooden cooks spoon (and certainly has in our kitchens!). The ergonomic spoon has been developed with a stainless steel core that extends to the very edge of the lip of the spoon, making it the most rigid mixing spoon ever! The core is so durable that you might never need another spoon, and the silicone outer layer is long lasting, hygienic and will keep your non-stick cookware looking as good as new.